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Angelini Pharma is an international pharmaceutical company, part of the Italian privately-owned Angelini Group. The company researches, develops and commercializes health solutions with a prevalent focus on the areas of Central Nervous System (CNS) and Mental Health, including pain, Rare Diseases and Consumer Healthcare, with highly successful self–medication drugs worldwide. Founded in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century, Angelini Pharma operates directly in 25 countries employing more than 3.000 people. Its products are marketed in over 70 countries even through strategic alliances with leading international pharmaceutical groups. Angelini is a fully integrated company with extensive and well-recognised Research and Development programmes, in addition to world-class production facilities and international marketing activities of key compounds and leading drugs in many sectors. Over the years, the Research and Development teams at Angelini Pharma have identified several important molecules such as trazodone and benzydamine, and are currently involved in research of new treatments for the pediatric population. The research at Angelini Pharma embraces public-private partnerships with recognised academic institutions and centres of global importance. The Scientific Network and Partnerships have both an important role in creating innovation. Angelini’s production facilities in Ancona (Finished Products), Aprilia (Raw Materials) and Casella (Amuchina-brand products) are at the forefront of technologies, industry standards and environmental protection, thanks to the use and integration of renewable sources. In Barcelona, Spain, the company produces food supplements such as Pastillas Juanola. In March 2020, Angelini Pharma acquired the production plant in Albany (Georgia), a global supplier for ThermaCare Heatwrap. Angelini Pharma has offices in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, France, UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Russia, and USA. Strategic partnerships with international companies complete and expand the geographical areas where the company operates. In line with its international strategies, Angelini Pharma has promoted pathways for development in countries with high growth potential, with both targeted acquisitions and enhancement of existing structures. Moreover, important strategic alliances with leading pharmaceutical groups with a global footprint allow the distribution of Angelini Pharma products worldwide. To name a few, these include Trittico® (trazodone, antidepressant), Latuda® (lurasidone hydrochloride, antipsychotic), Tantum® (benzydamine, anti-inflammatory), Aulin® (nimesulide, anti-inflammatory analgesic), Vellofent® (fentanyl, analgesic) and Xydalba® (dalbavancin). In the last 10 years, the percentage sales outside Italy has grown constantly, reaching about 50% of total pharma sales today. ANGELINI PHARMA AT GLANCE: • > €1 billion reported turnover (2020); • 3.000 employees; • Over 70 countries in which products are marketed; • 25 countries with direct presence on the ground; • Over 40 commercial partners; • 5 production plants worldwide.
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Website: www.angelini.bg

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