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Data Concept S.A. is one of the most innovative Greek IT and communications companies, with vast know-how and experience in the development and support of web applications and in the integration of tailor made it solutions. With documented successful experience of seven years as an IT solutions provider focused in the construction management and public sector, Data Concept aspires to play an essential role concerning e-government, communication optimization, increase of businesses competitiveness and upgrade of citizens' living standards. he company is considered as a leader in the computerized management of PPP-construction sector, as it conglomerates specialized knowledge in business operations and in the integration of the commercial technical software applications. The mission of Data Concept Bulgaria AD is to add value to the customers providing custom IT & communications services in a transparent and effective way.


15, Jerusalim Str., fl.3, office 303


+359 2 974 55 60





Lora Ivanova, Marketing Consultant